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Kelly & Stone Architects in Steamboat Springs, CO

Kelly & Stone Architects

Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Overhaul

40° North Web Group took an underperforming all-Flash website and turned it into a flashy search engine performer. Kelly & Stone Architects had a beautiful Flash website that was not doing well with the major search providers (Google, Bing, and Yahoo!). We took about six weeks, start to finish, to completely re-develop the website as a fully standards-compliant, search engine friendly site, using our proven processes and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. Today, Kelly & Stone Architects is performing very well on search engine results pages (SERP) where before they did not even appear.
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Christ Fellowship Church Child Development Center in Ft Collins, CO

Christ Fellowship Church Child Development Center

CMS Website Migration, SEO

Christ Fellowship Church Child Development Center (CFCCDC) is a child development center and preschool in Fort Collins, Colorado. They are a premier provider of early childhood education, partnering with parents for the whole education of children. Their first website was built by an employee when the development center was launched, and after their first successful years, the board of directors decided it was time for a better looking website. The center asked 40 North to assist in the most cost-effective yet professional development utilizing the Wordpress Content Management System for easy updates and a unique, customized look. As a result of our work, CFC CDC has a wait list for enrollment and parents are able to access information about the center in a professional, easily-accessible way.
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Artisan Jewelry Company in Newnan, GA

Artisan Jewelry Company

Website Development, Hosting, SEO

Artisan Jewelry is a boutique jewelry store in Newnan, GA, near Atlanta. They are a thoughtful, artistic family that creates custom, one-of-a-kind jewelry right in their shop. As with most small businesses, they had done what they could to get a starter website up and live, but the results fell short of expressing who they were. And, equally as bad, their site did very little if anything to bring business in the door. 40 North spent considerable time with Artisan to create a website that is professional and unique; one that showcases their beautiful jewelry as well as their outstanding service and attention to their customers. Today, it's not so unusual for customers coming in the store to comment that they found Artisan on the Internet. 40 North continues to support Artisan, refreshing and updating site components, tweaking content for better search engine performance, and even assisting getting email setup on new smartphones.
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Next Step Communications in Mead, CO

Next Step Communications

Website Upgrade, SEO

Next Step Communications is a home entertainment and surveillance systems installation and services company, specializing in home theater and audio/video installations. Next Step has been in business serving Northern Colorado for 10 + years and were ready for a website makeover. They were concerned that their pages were not listed in the major search engines for their products and services. 40 North specializes in quick content management systems deployments, so we worked with Next Step to identify a look that was similar to what they already had in existing marketing material and advertising collateral. We engaged with the owners to take new pictures of their work and re-wrote their page copy to optimize for search engine keyword strings. Now, Next Step is found for their services in Northern Colorado, and they are pleased with their new site.
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Benchmark Electrical Solutions in Fort Collins, CO

Benchmark Electrical Solutions

Website Development, Hosting, SEO

Benchmark Electrical Solutions contacted 40° North Web Group to create a website that would attract commercial electrical business to their new company located in Fort Collins, Colorado. As a new company, Benchmark was also keen to keep a close eye on cost. We helped Benchmark select a professional, clean looking template that is consistent with their business and industry. We walked them through our SEO checklist to optimize their web pages, so that they would be found by major search sites when potential clients sought commercial electrical services. We were able to create an appealing, professional site that performs very well in search engine results, all at a very competitive cost.

Recently, Benchmark Electrical Solutions was recognized by Northern Colorado Business Report as 2010 fastest growing company in northern Colorado. They credit the performance of their website in generating leads as a major factor in their success. Their website continues to be a top performer in search engine results for their targeted search terms.

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Edwards Meats in Wheat Ridge, CO

Edwards Meats

Website Maintenance, Hosting, SEO Improvement

Edwards Meats hired 40° North Web Group to update and maintain their existing company website. We first optimized the site to achieve high search engine result page (SERP) ranking. We also modified the site to allow easier and more timely updates for their freezer bundles and weekly specials, in sync with new fliers and print media distribution. We continue to assist Edwards Meats with their online presence and internet marketing strategy.
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Kelly & Stone Architects in Steamboat Springs, CO

The Kelly & Stone Architects Web Re-Development Project

The one objective from Kelly & Stone Architects was to obtain first class results from the major search providers (Google, Bing, and Yahoo!) for targeted key words. In reviewing their existing website, it didn’t take us long to make our recommendations: get rid of the Flash but keep the look and feel of the existing website.

Get rid of the Flash

It was apparent that Flash was robbing the site of some great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) opportunities. Back in 2008, Google (and presumably the other major search providers) enhanced their crawler to “index textual content in Flash files” (see, but there remain many more SEO opportunities exposed in pure HTML than in Flash. This was especially true in the Flash implementation used on the Kelly & Stone website, which was virtually exclusive to images and contained no textual content. We were confident we could demonstrably increase search engine ranking by re-developing the site in HMTL.

Keep the Look and Feel of the Existing Site

But the existing Kelly & Stone website was gorgeous. It was very polished, very professional, and very attractive... a site you wanted to spend time on, regardless if you needed architect services or not. The photographic images were stunning (they are all the work of Tim Stone, principal at Kelly & Stone, by the way – check out So, we definitely wanted to replicate as much of that Flash look and feel as we could.

When we showed Tim and Keith the first mock-ups of the new site, they were very impressed with how much of the Flash interactivity we were able to carry forward. The new site is entirely HTML and CSS with just a bit of JavaScript (no, really, there’s not much scripting going on!)... and all of it standards- and cross browser-compliant. From our mock-ups, we were able to implement the entire site in about two weeks’ time. We continue to work with Kelly & Stone to maximize their search engine results.

We’re proud to show off the Kelly & Stone website. Please take some time and browse their site, if for no other reason than to see some amazing, artistic photography.

We originally approached 40 North to change our Flash website back to an HTML website in an effort to increase traffic, and, by extension, job leads. 40 North was able to maintain the look and feel of our old site and move to HTML very seamlessly. They are organized, responsive, accessible, creative and competitive. We enjoy working with them.

- Tim Stone, AIA Principal, Kelly & Stone Architects Inc.

Benchmark Electrical Solutions in Fort Collins, CO

Thank you for your time, expertise, and excellent customer focus while continuing to work with us. 40 North Web Group has not only taken care of our basic email and website needs, but has created solutions for us when there seemed to be no answers. With dedication, experience, and professionalism you guys have never failed to impress us. We are ranking high in the search engines for our products and services and we are gaining business because of your hard work advancing our website.

David R. Aguiar, Co-Owner, Benchmark Electrical Solutions

Edwards Meats in Wheat Ridge, CO

I hired 40 North Web Group to update and take over the maintenance of our website ( They made me aware of the importance of proper page construction and keyword inclusion in order to rank well in Google natural search. We are now ranking very well for our targeted keywords in all of our local markets. 40 North is very responsive and customer centric and I am pleased with my decision to hire them and would recommend them to anyone.

- Darin Edwards, Owner, Edwards Meats

Artisan Jewelry Company in Newnan, GA
Artisan Jewelry Webiste - Before 40 North

We interviewed several web developers before we decided to go with 40 North Web Group. We were looking to take our site to the next level and their experience and approach really appealed to us. We are a custom jewelry store, so a stock, run-of-the-mill website was not going to work for us. 40 North Web Group worked with us to create a site that would set us apart from our competition and reflect the feel of our brick and mortar store. It has all the bells and whistles without looking overdone or contrived. There are tons of decisions to be made during the development process, most of which we had never considered. However, 40 North assisted every step along the way, offering suggestions and helping me stay on track to keep the project moving forward. Now that the site is "live" 40 North Web Group contacts us periodically to ensure that we are pleased and are always willing to make updates and changes in a timely manner, usually the same day. They also worked with us to ensure that we are ranking well on the web search sites that our customers use most. We have been very pleased with the quality, diligence, and service and would happily recommend their services to our friends.

- Heather Kutzman, Graduate Gemologist and Store Manager, Artisan Jewelry Company

Next Step Communications in Mead, CO

I can’t express how happy I am that I found 40 North Web Group. As a small business owner, I am always looking for ways to grow my business and improve my professional image. I knew I needed a website but was unsure on how to really get it off the ground the right way. I did know that I wanted a very professional website that was also easy for my customers to navigate. 40 North was exactly what I was looking for! They walked me through the process, listened to my ideas, made suggestions and key additions for a great final product. 40 North Web Group met and then exceeded my expectations on quality and response for my company needs. Other companies promised a lot of things, but simply could not deliver. 40 North Web Group was everything they said they they would be and then some. I know how important word of mouth and good referrals are to growing businesses, and they certainly deserve it. I highly recommend them and continue to refer them to other small business owners. Thanks to the team at 40 North for a great website! I am very glad we found you.

- Jason Parmley, Owner/CEO Next Step Communications, LLC

Christ Fellowship Church Child Development Center in Ft Collins, CO

40 North is a reliable and consistent company that responds quickly to my changing web page needs. Their reasonable price makes this service viable for my small business. I have no need to spend any other advertising dollars, except for what I pay for the services of 40 North. I would say the nicest part about my relationship with 40 North is that it is just one less thing that I need to worry about in my busy work day. I highly recommend any small business investigate what 40 North can do for you!

- Keri Christensen, Director Christ Fellowship Church Child Development Center